Lead with Vision. Live on Purpose.

Coaching for Leaders & Life

Bette George is a leadership and life coach who will engage you in a conversation that enriches your work and your life.  She combines organization development experience including groundbreaking work in diversity, with a new appreciation for the power and potential of purposeful conversation.  The result of this combination of unique capabilities can create a powerful sense of direction for you and your organization.

Bette has worked with scores of individuals on their journeys toward personal and professional success.  Her warm and open personal style and remarkable ability and willingness to connect others has enabled many clients to change their lives.

Bette knows well that people in purposeful conversation

  • create connection,
  • deepen understanding,
  • discover creativity,
  • form commitment to action.

Bette can help you understand and embrace the conflicting demands, emotions, and challenges in a workplace and world that require extraordinary presence.

As scores of clients can attest, her professionalism and passion make anything possible.

Whether you are a C-level leader, a high potential performer, or an individual who wants to lead your best life, leadership development is an “inside-out” process. My coaching approach does not neglect mastery of the important external aspects of leadership….what you DO to be successful.  It is founded on the belief that inspirational leadership is rooted in self-knowledge, a keen awareness of your own unique gifts, qualities, and spirit, combined with the capacity to engage fully and purposefully with life.

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