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Life Transition: Preparing for Retirement

Margaret, who for the past fifteen years has served her company as Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, came to coaching for help creating a vision and a plan for retirement. This significant life transition was a time to reflect on her life up until now and open to the possibilities for a fulfilling next chapter. Her first inclination was to move into independent consulting and executive coaching right away.  She had successfully completed the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program. She came to realize that she really longed for space and time to “just be”—to pause, to rest, to be kind to herself. This was a dramatic shift in perspective for this high-achieving executive.  It felt at once, exciting and risky to let go of the idea that she must immediately start her own business in order to be of use.  In the months preceding her retirement, Margaret took time to acknowledge and appreciate her significant accomplishments, allowing herself to receive the kudos and well-wishes of others as well.  Recognizing that there are times in life to for external achievement and times for internal reflection and renewal, Margaret retired ready digest this life experience that is coming to a close and to enjoy the journey into the future.  Chief Human Resource Officer.

“Bette has been a true gift to me …. the right person at the right time.  Like other C-suite Executives, ambition and achievement have been central to my career.  Bette has helped me see how these attributes will both help and hinder me in my retirement.  Bette has helped me expand my picture of the future and all of the possibilities that await me.  I am very grateful;  her generosity of spirit and wisdom will be with me for the long haul.” CHRO

Clients include:

The Mitre Corporation
Insight Research
The Taubman Company
Raytheon Company
Capital One
The Wilderness Society


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