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Re-imagining Work and Life

Chris came to coaching to help him get out of what he called, “career quicksand.” As the communications director for a non-profit, his work no longer challenged or inspired him. He was great at dreaming big dreams, but in his mid-40s, felt trapped by financial responsibilities that kept him from simply quitting. As it turned out, Chris was laid-off in the midst of our coaching engagement, but by then he was ready for it. Coaching had renewed his confidence and sense of purpose leading him to find a way to make a living and make a positive difference in the world.

The “light bulb moment” that propelled him through his hesitation about trying to grow a small side-business came when I issued a challenge: “Make the company match your values and your company will meet a success bigger than you can even imagine.” Months later, Orion’s Attic is thriving making a charitable contribution for every item it sells.  Philanthropy and community service are now at the core of the business. Chris has re-imagined his life finding work that is good for him and good for the world at the same time. Chris Lancette, Social Entrepreneur www.orionsattic.com.

“Bette understood that I had spent 20 years working as a journalist and serving the nonprofit sector and that I would not be fulfilled selling antiques, art, collectibles and home décor simply to make money. It’s a lot of fun but I need to do more with my career than have a good time. Bette helped us create a mission for our company to make a profit and a difference by enabling shoppers to “buy good stuff, do great things.” Philanthropy and community service are now at the core of what we do. I’m not just a businessman anymore: I’m a social entrepreneur at large – and business and good deeds are booming.”
Chris Lancette www.orionsattic.com

Clients include:

The Mitre Corporation
Insight Research
The Taubman Company
Raytheon Company
Capital One
The Wilderness Society


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