Lead with Vision. Live on Purpose.

Shifting from Surviving to Thriving

Mike, a senior executive in the federal government, came to coaching seeking a way to survive in a work situation that did not place value on his collaborative, empowering leadership style. He desperately wanted to find a new position where his views, values and accomplishments would be appreciated.  In the meantime, his goal was to significantly improve the functioning of the division he led. The employees had been labeled as poor performers, difficult to work with and impossible to manage, yet with Mike’s visionary leadership guiding the way, the division came to be known for collaborative teamwork and superior customer service. He became adept at communicating his expectations, holding staff accountable, and inspiring commitment.  When he left the organization three years later for a challenging new position with another agency, he did so with pride in his achievements—achievements that had been attained under difficult circumstances.  Senior Executive, Federal Government.

“As my executive coach, Bette has had a profound impact on my abilities as a leader.  She has provided me with a comprehensive set of tools that has allowed me to be aware of my behaviors in the moment and make modifications that result in continuous improvement.  Her focus on building interpersonal skills has  helped me to strengthen relationships.  I am able to give and receive feedback as a gift.  When I hear my staff call me ‘Best Boss,’ I know that my ability to be authentic and stay true to my values has made me an extremely effective leader.” Senior Executive, Federal Government

Clients include:

The Mitre Corporation
Insight Research
The Taubman Company
Raytheon Company
Capital One
The Wilderness Society


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