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Leading Organizational Change

Rebecca was recently promoted to be Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the association, a position she had been aiming towards for some time.  She knew she needed new approaches and capacities to handle the broader scope of her responsibilities. The organization was in the midst of a major change effort requiring her to play a leading role. Rebecca and I had worked together on developing specific skills such as delegating, giving feedback, prioritizing and managing multiple priorities when she was promoted to her first senior management position. This time around, the focus of our coaching was less about skill development and more about helping her transform her way of seeing and thinking. She brought to her work, high personal standards, authenticity, and strong interpersonal skills. With practice, she has learned to broaden her field of vision, devoting time and energy to strengthen relationships with her peers, her direct reports and a demanding Board.  By consciously shifting from her “plodding” efficiency, Rebecca has learned to apply systems thinking.  She can hone in on the real issue in a problematic situation, see the wider context, and figure out what needs to be done to get the best possible result. She has grown into an even more effective leader involved in defining the organization’s strategic direction and ensuring that organizational goals are translated into action.     C-level Executive, of a professional association.

“Bette has been transformational professionally and personally. Coaching has allowed me to identify and expand my leadership presence and overall effectiveness in a way that I had not previous thought possible. Bette has catalyzed some of my best thinking by asking tough questions that welcome creative thought and encourage bold solutions. She is at once challenging and supportive, realistic and imaginative, grounding and inspiring.”

Clients include:

The Mitre Corporation
Insight Research
The Taubman Company
Raytheon Company
Capital One
The Wilderness Society


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