Lead with Vision. Live on Purpose.

What is Leadership and Life Coaching?

  • A collaborative partnership – You are the focus. I am your partner engaging you in purposeful conversation to help you get clear about what matters most to you…what you value, need, and want out of work and life to create a vision for and a path towards your desired future.
  • A confidential one-on-one relationship dedicated to developing greater effectiveness, new competencies and  broader perspectives as you navigate life. 
  • A customized process created just for you that can leave you more  able to sustain excellent performance. 
  • A safe structure for change and an opportunity to try on new ways of being and doing that can move you to a new level of personal and professional mastery and fulfillment.
  • A  rigorous, pragmatic discipline focused on practical, sustainable outcomes not a collection of prescribed techniques.
  • A learning experience for both coach and client requiring the willingness to undo our conclusions, question our assumptions and make corrections along the way as a result of outcomes we produce.


“The coaching conversation, purposeful and rigorous, can be transformative. Conversation, including powerful listening with the body and the emotions as well as the mind, has the potential of helping you create your desired future.” Bette George

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Who Comes to Leadership & Life Coaching? >>

Clients include:

The Mitre Corporation
Insight Research
The Taubman Company
Raytheon Company
Capital One
The Wilderness Society


Experience coaching for yourself. Call Bette at 703-734-0101 or email her to schedule a complimentary session.