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A message from Bette George, Founder and President

We are living in extraordinary times of social, economic, and environmental upheaval which require leadership from all of us to step forward to meet 21st century challenges. I believe we have a shared responsibility to create a sustainable future…to ensure the common well-being, a flourishing human community and protection of the environment for generations to come. Your unique gifts are necessary and important.

As a leadership and life coach, I am fortunate indeed to be engaged in work that I love….work that is a way of being in the world rather than simply a way to make a living.  My work is a conversation with life itself that keeps me fully engaged, always in awe, and entirely grateful.  I have learned that our work and our life are intertwined threads to be woven together to give our life meaning and direction.

I offer my own unique blend of leadership and life coaching that is grounded in my belief in the basic wisdom and goodness of my clients and in the knowledge that we must be present to the life we have in order to create the life we desire.  I know from my own experience and that of countless others, that it is possible to find work that is right for ourselves and good for the world at the same time.

I am deeply dedicated to my work and to the extraordinary people who enrich my life as we journey together – my family, friends, colleagues, brilliant theorists and writers, faculty and coaches, and most especially, my clients. I am gratified every time I experience the unique reciprocity that unfolds with each client partnership as I bring my best gifts forward and by doing so I have the privilege of helping my clients do the same.

I invite you to engage in a conversation to strengthen your capacity to create the change you want to see in yourself, your workplace, your community, the world.

Bette George

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